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瞳画遇见®️新疆奇台」展览开幕 Exhibition vernissage「 PURE VIEW®️ QI TAI」, Xinjiang

Updated: Oct 24, 2022


The opening ceremony of the exhibition was successfully held under the auspices of Director Ma of Qitai County Cultural Tourism Bureau. Director Ma thanked 「 PURE VIEW®️ QI TAI」 for coming to Xinjiang so that the children of Qitai could see the wider world and be more motivated for their future.


Director Wang of the Education Bureau of Qitai County said that he has been paying attention to「 PURE VIEW®️ QI TAI」. He saw that the children experienced the strength of the team, the warmth of friendship, and the value of each individual ’s life. Joy and progress, the exhibition is the best affirmation for children.




每个孩子都是天生的艺术家。 关键是当他们长大时,如何去保持这种天赋。 我花了一辈子学习怎样像孩子一样画画。 ——毕加索

After seeing their paintings carefully framed and hung in the museum, kids were overwhelmed with xcitement:" Will our paintings always be hung in the museum?"

The children of Qitai Tatar Township have never been to the Qitai Museum. Some have never even entered the county seat, and they never thought that their works would be displayed in the museum! They have been very excited to call their parents and relatives, hoping they will all come to see their exhibitions.

Of course, we hope that one day, your paintings can always be hung in the museum.

Every child is a born artist. The key is how to maintain this talent when they grow up. I spent my whole life learning how to draw like a child. ----Picasso


Dr. Jie Li-Elbrächter said that she was very grateful to Qitai County Party Committee, Education Bureau, Culture and Tourism Bureau, and all responsible persons for their support of 「 PURE VIEW®️ QI TAI」public welfare activities. In Xinjiang this special place, it will be difficult to carry out the project without all the help. She encouraged the children to stick to their inner ideals and observe the surrounding scenes, objects, and people with the methods taught in our activities. Maintain your innocence and see the world with a sincere heart.



Goodbye, Qi Tai! Goodbye, my friends!

Don't cry. We will meet each other again!

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