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Chinese German, lives in Singapore.



Founder of NOTHINGART®️.

Founder of PURE VIEW®️.

Director of China Art Foundation.

Dean of School of Arts of NIM Singapore.

Vice President of Arts Association of Singapore.

Guest Professor of Fudan University.

Guest Professor of Jinling Institute of Technology.

Ph.D. of anthropology of art of Fudan University, Shanghai.

Master of Free Arts of Munster Academy of Arts in Germany, won the title of the Meisterschueler.

Studied in London Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in England,

Ecole superieure des Beaux-arts de Geneve in Switzerland,

and Central Academy of Fine Arts in China (CAFA).

Dr. Jie Li-Elbrächter (Elbraechter) | 李捷 | Singapore | Chinese German Artist

 Person you should

know in Shanghai


Person you should know in Shanghai Jie Li-Elbrächter (Elbraechter) 李捷
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A movie about Jie Li

Movie about Jie Li-Elbrächter (Elbraechter) | Germany
Jie Li-Elbrächter (Elbraechter) solo exhibition in Germany
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